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My life as a front-end developer

RxJS library and Observables explained

RxJS is a very powerful as well complex library to manage Observable object, but not so easy to master. Here some small notes to understand it better.


Create an angular environment for test purpose

This is a step-by-step guide to explain how to run end to end tests in a custom environment, using angular 9 and ng-cli.


How to test a service in your Angular app with TestBed

This is a short tutorial to show two approaches to test a service in an angular app. In one case you mock the response, in the other you moch the service, according to your needs.


How to test your Angular app

Here I want to list the best practice that I follow when I write tests, and some useful tips, complete of code examples.


How to introduce redux in an AngularJs Web App

Redux is a good way to reduce system complexity and to make the code more maintainable. The Web App I'm working on is developed in AngularJs, and introducing Redux has been a great choice. Here I will briefly explain how I did it.